**Proposal submissions must be received by September 12, 2014 for consideration.

The Learning, Teaching and Assessment Forum is an annual event sponsored by the Office of the Provost, in collaboration with the University Assessment Council.

This university-wide event is designed to:
• Provide faculty, doctoral students, and administrators the opportunity to showcase their assessment initiatives at the class, department/program, school, and/or university levels.
• Share teaching & assessment innovations, strategies, practices, and outcomes.
• Demonstrate the University’s assessment framework in practice.
• Promote dialogue about assessment, its purpose and value for improving learning & teaching.

1. Title of Presentation

2. Presenter #1

3. Presenter #2

4. Presenter #3

5. Presenters will have the option of sharing their initiative in one of the two ways:

6. Rationale: Describe the learning question or issue.

7. Context: Describe the nature and scope of the learning environment (e.g. student enrollment, level of the students, student profile(s), nature of learning environment etc.).

8. Learning Objectives: Explain what students were expected to know and be able to do by the completion of the course or program. Student learning objectives might be cognitive, affective or psychomotor in nature.

9. Teaching Methods/Approaches: Describe the teaching methods, techniques and activities and explain how they supported (aligned with) the stated student learning objectives.

10. Assessment of Learning Outcomes/Objectives: Describe how student learning was assessed in this initiative, demonstrating how the assessments aligned with (supported) the learning objectives. How was evidence of student learning collected, analyzed and interpreted?

11. Evaluation: Describe the overall evaluation of the initiative. For example, were there any gaps between what was intended and what was achieved? Explain what was learned from this initiatives, and what changes—if any—would be made in the next incarnation.

12. Applicability to a broader audience: Explain how this initiative would be of interest to an audience outside of the presenter’s immediate field or discipline.

Thank you for your application to the Learning, Teaching and Assessment Forum. Decisions will be made by September 19, 2014.