Bryant University is committed to your academic achievement. A wide variety of factors influence college achievement. Our goal is not only to enhance your learning potential, but also to assist you in identifying possible roadblocks to your achievement and refer you to available services that you may need in order to be successful at Bryant.

Consequently, the following assessment tool is designed to pinpoint potential areas that might hamper your ability to perform at the university level. The more detailed information that you provide me with, the better I can assist you with utilizing campus resources in order to help you reach your potential. Though some particular questions may not appear to be directly related to college success, research has identified these as areas of concern that may affect your ability to learn.

This assessment is voluntary. Your responses will not affect your Bryant scholarship or team status. The information will not be shared with coaches, trainers, or anyone without your written consent. If you choose not to answer some of the questions, but still have concerns, we encourage you to meet in person with the academic services coordinator, your academic advisor, a learning specialist, coach, or trainer. For example, if you think that you might have a learning disability, I encourage you to talk with me or visit Sally Riconscente, Assistant Director of Learning Disability Services, in the Academic Center for Excellence.

Confidentiality regarding your answers to these questions will be strictly respected and maintained. This information will be reviewed by the academic services coordinator, and/or other appropriate staff; if we identify an area of concern, we will contact you to meet in person and discuss the concern, and, if necessary, refer you to the appropriate university resource. If I try to contact you for a follow up meeting, please respond promptly. General information pertaining to your academic profile, such as procrastination or test taking concerns may be shared with our academic support staff; however, sensitive and personal information will not be released to outside parties without your prior written consent or as required by law. We welcome and encourage you to visit with the Academic Services Coordinator or any Bryant staff member for assistance with academic, personal, and/or wellness concerns.

Modeled after UCLA’s Wellness Assessment for Educational Enhancement (September 26, 2007) Revised by L. Hazard and K. Tiarks, Bryant University (2010)