Welcome to the NCWIT AspireIT potential Program Partner registration form. The goal of this form is to identify potential Program Partners interested in partnering and empowering Aspirations in Computing Award recipients to be AspireIT Program Leaders to have their very own program for other K-12 Girls.

This information will help our potential Program Leaders (who are all Aspirations in Computing Award recipients or Aspirations in Computing Community members) locate a partner close to where they would like to have programs.

To complete this registration, you must:

*Be familiar with the NCWIT AspireIT Program and the role of the Program/Fiscal Partner. Please be sure you have reviewed the RFP located on and have read and are able to fulfill the role of the Program/Fiscal Partner.
* Be a current NCWIT Alliance member.
* Have local contact info for each geographic area where you are interested in having an AspireIT program.
* Be a not for profit organization (if you are seeking funding for your program only).

General questions? Please email
Information on the NCWIT AspireIT program? Visit
Information on Alliance current members, membership, and more? Visit

Thank you for your support and dedication to this exciting program!