We've been building our domestic programs in USA since 2009- and now it's time for another adventure!

For years, we've been contacted by supporters who are taking trips abroad and looking for resources for creative activities, supply lists and ways to engage kids while traveling. We haven't been prepared to help with this area- until now!

We're proud to announce that we've built a new set of curriculum for use internationally- for gap year adventures, humanitarian projects, volunteer trips, whatever takes you around the world. It will be in English, but with notes to help with cross-cultural and language barriers that you might encounter along with supply lists so you can have a heads up on what to pack in your suitcase.

International curriculum development will make therapeutic art and creative education lessons available to existing international organizations, mission trips and more. Using previous experience in international programming via Ghana and Honduras, Art Feeds will combine domestic expertise and experience, trauma response competence and international knowledge to strengthen already existing international organizations in their expressive and creative programming.

We are proud to announce that our first partners to use the international curriculum are Rapha House International and Touch a Life Foundation. In partnership with these organizations, three Art Centers will be built by TAL in Cambodia, where Art Feeds International curriculum will be used for the first time.

The curriculum is developed and perfected and available to other organizations worldwide! Because we are intentional about the organizations we partner with, please fill out the survey below to inquire about using Art Feeds International Curriculum for your upcoming adventure!

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* 2. How many children does your organization serve?

* 3. Where in the world do you work with children?

* 4. Tell us briefly about your work and who you serve (no more than 4 sentences):

Thank you for your information! We look forward to potentially partnering with you. The curriculum will be made available Spring 2016, we'll reach out to you with more information this Spring! If you have any questions please email meg@artfeeds.org