WELCOME to the Arrowhead Union High School District’s Mission & Focus Plan Input Survey.  This survey will be open for responses until October 31, 2017.

The District is in the process of updating its mission/vision and broad, enduring goals to ensure they continue to align with the needs of our students and the values of our community and staff. This stakeholder survey is one important part of that strategic planning process.

Please share your thoughts regarding the mission, vision, values, beliefs, and desired outcomes of Arrowhead High School. The results of this survey will be carefully considered by the Focus Plan Development Team (comprised of approximately 35 students, staff, parents and community members) during a day of strategic Mission & Focus Plan drafting in December.

This survey consists of 19 questions and takes approximately five to fifteen minutes to complete, depending on whether or not you include comments. Your contribution to the Mission & Focus Plan development process through this survey is greatly appreciated!

* 1. Arrowhead High School currently does an excellent job preparing students for their future?

* 2. It should be a priority that all members of the school community are entitled to a safe, nurturing, respectful, and responsive learning environment.

* 3. It should be a priority that all students are entitled to an education that enables them to grow personally, socially, creatively, physically, and academically.

* 4. It should be a priority that content knowledge, practical skills, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and technological skills are necessities in preparing all students for their next level of education and/or for career readiness.

* 5. It should be a priority that education is the responsibility of the entire community.

* 6. It should be a priority that learning for all members of the school community is challenging, motivating, and relevant.

* 7. It should be a priority that student accountability, responsibility, and independence are essential to our students' success.

* 8. Students should experience comprehensive instruction and deep learning/understanding in their classes each school year.  (Depth of learning over variety.)

* 9. Students should experience many different classes each year to add variety to their background.   (Variety over depth of learning.)

* 10. As a learning community, what would success look like for Arrowhead High School?     Please rank these nine components of education from 1 (most important) to 9 (of lesser importance).

* 11. The following information and skills, which students learn in high school, will foster future success in college and/or in the workplace.   Please rank these fifteen elements from 1 (most important) to 15 (of lesser importance).

* 12. What do you think are the three greatest challenges faced by Arrowhead High School?  
(Please choose only one 1st choice, one 2nd choice, and one 3rd choice. Leave all other options blank.)

  1st greatest challenge to AHS 2nd greatest challenge to AHS 3rd greatest challenge to AHS
Expanding communication and community involvement
Federal and/or state mandates
Increasing student achievement
Maintaining safe and welcoming environment
Offering engaging co-curricular programs
Providing challenging, world-class instructional programs
Recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff
Reducing academic achievement gaps
School funding issues

* 13. How do you most frequently learn information about Arrowhead High School?   Please rank your top five (1= most frequent to 5= less frequent) from the choices below. If less than five methods are used, leave the remaining choices blank.

  1 2 3 4 5
Arrowhead Advisor monthly e-newsletter
District website
Emails or conversations with staff members
K-8 school districts that feed into AHS
Local news media (newspapers, TV, or radio)
Paper flyers sent to mailboxes
School Board meetings
School-wide email notices
Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
Word of mouth from Arrowhead students and families
Word of mouth from community members

* 14. If School Board meetings were video-taped and broadcast online/on Arrowhead’s school website, would you watch them?

* 15. What is the single greatest strength of Arrowhead High School?

* 16. What is the single greatest area for improvement at Arrowhead High School?

* 17. What is your association to Arrowhead High School?   (Mark all that apply.)

* 18. Please indicate your age group:

* 19. Are you interested in serving on the Focus Plan Development Team all day on December 7?   
If not, please mark “no.”  
If so, please mark “yes” AND in the comment box please note:  Your name, your email address, your association to Arrowhead High School (parent, staff, community member, etc.) and your town/village/city of residence.  
Please understand just 33-38 people will serve on the Focus Plan Development Team, so participants will be chosen with the intention of securing a wide variety of demographics on the team.

Thank you for your input into Arrowhead High School’s important process of developing a new Mission & Focus Plan.   Once finalized and approved by the School Board, we will disseminate the Mission & Focus Plan through a variety of means, including post it on our website.

Please be sure to click DONE below to submit your survey.