* 1. Did you subscribe to the Argonne Now Magazine?

* 2. Are you an Argonne or DOE employee?

* 3. Is this your first issue of Argonne Now?

* 4. How much of Spring Issue 2017 did you read?

* 5. On average, how much time did you spend reading the Spring Issue 2017 of Argonne Now?

* 6. Typically, how many people read your copy of Argonne Now besides you?

* 7. Please indicate how satisfied you are with the following aspects of the Argonne Now Spring Issue?

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very satisfied N/A
Cover story "All-nighters for Science"
Feature: "Into Kazakhstan to Convert a Reactor”
"Secret life” of Argonne physicist Bob Wiringa
"Science, then & now"
"Four fantastic materials found at Argonne"
Cover design
Design/artwork/photos of the entire magazine
Readability (writing style, level of comprehension, etc.)

* 8. What did you most like about this issues of Argonne Now?

* 9. What did you least like about in this issues of Argonne Now?

* 10. Are there any issues, topics, or themes that you’d like to see in upcoming issues of Argonne Now?

* 11. How long do you save a copy of Argonne Now?

* 12. Have you visited the Argonne Now magazine webpage on anl.gov?

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