1. Warm-Up Questions

THANK YOU for taking this survey! For people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families, times are rapidly changing - in the industry AND across the U.S. It's for that reason that, as Arc of Wabash County develops our strategic plan, we want to hear from all the communities we serve and support across the County.

We value your thoughts - even if you know very little about the work we do! Please be candid. Your answers are anonymous. Only Anne, our strategic planning consultant, will see your specific responses. (Questions about this survey? Email anne@goodseedsconsulting.com.) 

This survey should take only 5-10 minutes. We appreciate the generosity of your time!

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* 1. Do you live or work in Wabash County? 

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* 2. Are you a current member of Arc of Wabash County?