Marine Aquaculture Approval Processes in Tasmania

This Ph.D. field research focuses on legal approval processes for marine aquaculture projects. 
This project's field research aims to understand views of diverse marine stakeholders on cause(s) of conflict in marine aquaculture licensing. Stakeholders include aquaculture proponents, opponents, the licensing government(s) and broader community. While this study focuses on aquaculture projects around Tasmania, additional field research will focus on international marine projects.

Diverse views are important. The survey is available to any adult (18 years and over) having interest in Tasmanian marine aquaculture. It is your decision whether to participate. There are no implications if you do not. However, doing so makes a worthwhile contribution to academic research possibly creating positive change.

The survey is available through 30 June 2018. Please answer the questions honestly and to your best ability. There are no right or wrong answers. It should take around 15-20 minutes. You can get a results summary by emailing me.

Participation is anonymous. I do not need your name. Results are anonymized; confidentiality is protected because any identifying information included will not be published or otherwise available for public viewing without prior written consent. Results will be aggregated. Summarized or paraphrased comments may be in the results; but participants should not be identifiable. 

Results will appear in my Ph.D. thesis, in published academic papers, and conference papers or presentations. Survey data is kept at least five years. Aggregate information may be archived for my future research use.

With anonymous surveys, I may not be able to remove your responses from results after submission. Once results are included in published research, individual survey responses cannot be removed or changed.

As a University of Tasmania Ph.D. candidate, I work through the Faculty of Law and Centre for Marine Socioecology under supervision of Dr. Benjamin Richardson; and Co-Supervisors Dr. Ingrid vanPutten, CSIRO, and Dr. Kate Booth, UTAS-School of Tech., Environ. & Design.The information you provide will be accessible only by my supervisory team and me. It will be stored securely through UTAS resources.

Submitting the survey indicates your implied consent as a research participant.

Tasmanian Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee approved this study. If you have concerns or complaints, please contact HREC Network Executive Officer-Tasmania on +61 3 6226 6254; email The Executive Officer is nominated to receive complaints from participants. Please quote ethics reference number H0017153.
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