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Paulo Bonato, PhD

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Attendees will be able to compare the most prominent robotic systems designed to retrain motor functions.
Attendees will be able to compare assistive devices with robotic capabilities.
Attendees will be able to discuss the integration of robotic technology and other technologies to improve independence.
Attendees will be able to understand a consumer's perspective based on personal experience using robotics.

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Pain Management in SCI
Skin Care & Avoiding Pressure Ulcers
Bowel & Bladder Management
Managing Spasticity
Complementary/Alternative Medicine & Stress Management
Advances in Research for Recovery after SCI
Stem Cell Research Update
Advances in Locomotor Training
Neurotechnology for Restoring Upper &/or Lower Extremity Function after SCI
Exercise with SCI- Benefits, Tips, & Resources
Adaptive Sports & Recreation 
Traveling with SCI
Developing a Support Network
Insurance Reimbursement During & After Rehab
Advocating for Your Needs in a Skilled Nursing Facility
Hiring & Managing PCAs
Assistive Technology Options & Services
Getting the Wheelchair & Maintenance Services You Need
Universal Design/Home Modification
Getting Accessible Housing
Intimacy and SCI
Parenting and SCI
Fertility Options
Returning to Work after SCI
Service Animals

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