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Application and terms and conditions

This form is to apply for permission to access and use the embed codes for the Insight Exchange Introductory Module: Security Industry (video).
If you have questions that are not answered in the application form, please use the contact us page.
Thank you - The Insight Exchange Team

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* 1. I have permission from the organisation to make this application.

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* 2. I understand and agree to the following terms:

In an effort to support social, service and systemic responses to domestic, family  and sexualised violence, Insight Exchange is donating timebound access to the embed codes for the Insight Exchange Introductory Module - Security Industry (video) hosted on the Insight Exchange vimeo channel.

I understand that Insight Exchange materials cannot be used for commercial purposes or sold. Under no circumstances can a purchase or access fee be applied to Insight Exchange resources as these have been designed to be free for any and all readers/viewers to remove cost barriers.

I understand that due to copyright protection and version control local copies will not be provided as an alternative to embedding.

Disclaimer: Whilst great care has been taken to do no harm and to improve responses to people experiencing domestic, family and sexualised violence, Insight Exchange and the contributing organisations assume no responsibility for how the information in the resources is used.

Note: We recommend providing a short supportive introduction to the materials. Reflection resources for viewers are available on the Insight Exchange website and named in the module.

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* 3. Applicant Information (Complete all)

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* 4. We seek permission for access to the embed codes for this amount of time (tick one). After this date the embed access for your domain will be removed.

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* 5. How does your organisation plan to use the Module: Understanding and responding to strangulation? (Complete all that apply)

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* 6. I give consent for Insight Exchange to: (complete all)

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Name our organisation as a recipient of this donated resource
Contact our organisation to ask about the value of using the materials.
Include me (using the email address provided in this application) in Insight Exchange updates
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