Please complete one registration form per team through a team representative. In addition, each team member must submit a signed copy of the Competition Participation Guidelines, which will be emailed to the team representative after the submission of this registration and application proposal.

* 1. Team name

* 2. Team Representative's First Name

* 3. Team Representative's Last Name

* 4. What Product are you developing the app for?

* 5. Date of birth


* 6. Team's Representative Contact Information

* 7. Confirm Team Representative's email address

* 8. ADN member number (if you are not a member please enter N/A)

* 9. App name

* 10. App objective (100 words maximum)

* 11. App description (1000 words maximum). Please detail the process flow of the application and the input required from the application user to achieve the objective. The App description should detail what the app does and the benefits it provides.

* 12. Team credentials: Please enter a summary of the education and/or experience of the team members. Links to personal websites or portfolios are encouraged.

* 13. I'm able to be physically present in Las Vegas on December 2nd, 2013 to perform a live demonstration of my app

* 14. My app has not been commercially available in the last 5 years (September 2008)

* 15. I have read and agree with the Official Rules of the contest.

* 16. How did you find out about this competition?