1. Submit Your AppJam DC Speaker Abstract

Thanks for your interest in speaking at our upcoming Road Show!

$1,000 TRAVEL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT available if selected.

You are encouraged to submit multiple proposals using the following form. Feel free to reach out to the AppDynamics events team directly with questions: events@appdynamics.com

Proposals are sought for content such as:

1. Big Data Meets SOA
2. Best Practices for Application Performance Management
3. APM in the Cloud
4. Improving DevOps Culture

* 1. Who's the SPEAKER?

* 2. What's the title of your talk?

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* 4. Does your talk include a demonstration (or at least a detailed description) of an actual APP, Demo or presentation deck?

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(All speaking slots - solos or panels - are 45 minutes long.)

* 6. Please give us a "short-form" abstract of your talk, that we can use in brochures and the like (100 words or less).

Feel free to propose additional talks. Just return to the original URL of the Call for Speakers and submit again.

Thank you for proposing a talk for AppJam! If you have any questions, contact the events team at events@appdynamics.com.