Are you currently covered by Anthem or Cigna in California's individual market?

Anthem Blue Cross and Cigna are pulling out of health insurance markets across the country partly because of the uncertainty about health insurance created by the Trump Administration.

Starting January 1, 2018, Anthem Blue Cross and Cigna will stop offering health insurance for most of the individual market in California. Over 300,000 Californians who have Anthem coverage, including 150,000 with coverage through Covered California and about 150,000 individuals who buy their own coverage, will need to change health plans in January. Another 5,000 will be affected by Cigna leaving the market. These consumers may also find their care disrupted if they are in the middle of a course of treatment, such as chemotherapy or have a scheduled surgery.  (NOTE: If you have Anthem or Cigna coverage from your employer, Medicare or Medicaid, you are not affected.)

“Continuity of care” protections allow consumers who are in the middle of a course of treatment, a pregnancy, a scheduled surgery or other serious medical condition to keep their doctors and hospitals for a limited amount of time. These protections are currently available to consumers who get their health plan from their employer, the employer stops offering that plan, and the consumer has to change to a plan that does not include their treating doctor or hospital. Unfortunately, continuity of care is not available to consumers who buy their own individual health plan (either through Covered California or directly from the plan) and they have to change plans because their plan is no longer available.

Consumers who bought their own Anthem or Cigna plan should have the same safeguards when forced to change health plans due to no fault of their own. 

If you are one of the over 300,000 Californians who faces losing coverage from Anthem or Cigna and you are in the middle of getting care, please fill out our survey and tell us about your experience.

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(reminder: If you have Anthem or Cigna through an employer, Medicare, or Medi-Cal you are not affected by their change in coverage)

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