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As end users of power and water distribution services, we all have various experiences - good and bad. At times we form opinions and have feedback with which the services could be made better. However, most times we do not have a channel to make our "Voice" heard and thus the spark of change is lost.

What if we tell you that your opinion matters and that we can strive to get it heard and that we can together drive gradual changes by working with all stakeholders - your local utility operator (public or private company), State Govt., Local Administration, Civic Societies etc.

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We seek your response to this independent survey by pManifold - a young utility focused stakeholder engagement, research and consulting company - to capture the VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER on local Electricity & Water distribution utility services and make it heard. "Baat karne se hi to baat banti hain". So please share your views as this will go a long way in constructing sustainable Indian utilities, both power and water.

Answering through 21 questions of this survey, is an opportunity for you to be part of the change you want to see. It will take 5-10 minutes at max of your valuable time to complete the survey

No personal information is required to complete this survey. If you do want to share your contact (which is optional) then we will only use it for sharing with you a copy of summary results when they are available or for inviting you to our next round of surveys. It will never be used when reporting results anywhere.

If you have any questions do reach out to us at mohammad.sufiyan@pmanifold.com.

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