This survey is created and distributed by ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited and has been designed to determine the status of Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria. No doubt, Companies are increasingly recognizing the strategic importance of building business practices that create sustainable economies, environments and societies.

In the business world, Corporate Social Responsibility is an indispensable tool for corporate legitimacy and competitive advantage. For that purpose companies need to communicate their CSR strategy through an effective and credible media platform. The survey contains relevant topics of interest in the field of CSR including general questions about the companies as well as CSR specific questions about the past, present and future of their CSR activities.

This survey is to be completed by professionals and/or those responsible for the implementation of CSR/Social Performance/CSI, etc within their organizations. The results will enable us to ascertain the current status of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability issues in Nigeria. The questionnaire contains quantitative as well as qualitative questions. The data will be analyzed by a team of research experts and made available in a report titled ‘THE STATE OF CSR IN NIGERIA: 2010/2011 ANNUAL REVIEW’. The report will be available in mid 2012,precisely at the Africa CEO Roundtable and Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in June 2012.

ThistlePraxis Consulting hopes that this exercise would set an initial benchmark and a platform for dialogue with companies on improvement of their CSR policies and related performance targets in the long run. We are aware of the limitations of this survey and while this survey aims to gain an overview of companies’ CSR polices and related measuring systems via verified self-reporting questionnaires, it does not seek to assess impacts and to make judgements on whether the impact of each CSR initiative is sufficient or inadequate, particularly on issues involving the environment or labour rights.

Although we will not survey and evaluate criticisms that the same company may have faced from media and civil society groups such as labour, environment and consumer organizations, we do hope that this research will facilitate comprehensive dialogue on both positive and negative issues regarding corporate responsibility.

We simply wish to draw companies’ attention to increased global awareness on corporate accountability, transparency and international best practices.

The deadline for data to be collected will be 15 March 2012.

For further details please contact:

Emilia Asim-Ita,;