Thank you for participating in our survey. The Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization (OCR) and Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) are seeking community input on the vision for a new, innovative community gathering space in downtown Annandale. The County is interested in repurposing a portion of the parking lot on property that it owns at 7200 Columbia Pike to create a compact and flexible dedicated park/civic space that can also be expanded for intermittent or “pop-up” programming and special events during weekends or evenings. Communities all across the country are exploring the placemaking power of such projects in an effort to bring people together and contribute to the vibrancy of an area. This project supports the long-term community vision for the Commercial Revitalization District (CRD), and is connected to recommendations in the 2016 Revitalization Strategies for Annandale study.

Please be aware the survey begins with a background briefing for the first few pages. Please read the background to understand more about the proposed park/civic space; you will begin to answer questions on page 7.

This survey will ask for your ideas on the design and programming of the proposed space. It should take about 6-8 minutes to complete.