Town of Ponoka
Citizen Input Survey
on the Proposed Animal Control Bylaw 424-19
Ponoka Town Council has approved the first reading of a new proposed Animal Control Bylaw. Council would like to hear citizen input on the bylaw before considering second and third reading.

The proposed bylaw would require all cats and dogs aged 6 months and older in Ponoka to be licensed annually and regulated under the new bylaw. Ponoka’s existing Animal Control Bylaw only regulates dogs. The addition of cats is being proposed in response to community concerns expressed over the past number of years.

You can read a copy of the proposed Bylaw at the Town Office (200, 5604-50 St.) or on the Town website at (the link on ‘Proposed Animal Control Bylaw’).

After you have reviewed the proposed Bylaw, please answer the following questions:

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* 1. What is your age?

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* 2. What is your property status?

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* 3. The proposed bylaw would require cats to be licensed and regulated similar to dogs in Ponoka.  Do you agree that cats should be licensed and regulated similar to dogs under the proposed Animal Control Bylaw?

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* 4. The proposed bylaw would make it an offence for any person who owns or occupies a property to keep more than five cats and dogs (in total) on their property (unless the property is operated by a licensed veterinarian or a kennel operator who is authorized by the Town's Land Use Bylaw.)

How many dogs and cats in total do you think a person should be allowed to keep on their property in Ponoka under a new Animal Control Bylaw?

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* 5. The proposed bylaw establishes new licensing fees for cats, dogs, and aggressive dogs.  Those proposed fees are lower for neutered and spayed animals, and for licenses that are purchased before a specified deadline date.

How satisfied are you with the licensing fees outlined in the proposed Animal Control Bylaw?

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* 6. Other provisions in the proposed Animal Control Bylaw include:
  • New penalties for bylaw offences, and specific penalties that apply to aggressive dogs
  • New requirements for the control of cats, dogs, and aggressive dogs
  • Standards of care for cats and dogs
  • New terms regarding the impoundment of cats and dogs
  • Requirements for proof that a cat or dog is licensed, and proof of a cat or dog's age
  • A process for the Town Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to issue an aggressive dog designation, which would require the dog owner to comply with aggressive dog regulations under the proposed bylaw
After reviewing the proposed Animal Control Bylaw, how satisfied are you with the proposed bylaw?

Thank you for your input!