The City of St. Augustine and the Marquis Latimer + Halback Team ( will be gathering data from residents, visitors and business owner’s throughout the process.

We need to hear about your vision for Anastasia Boulevard!  What should the architecture look and feel like? How can we improve the design and permitting process? What are the priorities for future development? 

Please submit the following survey, and/or email the project manager, Jeremy Marquis at

* 1. Please describe yourself:

* 2. Please provide your contact information.  (Optional)

* 3. What is the existing appearance or experience of the corridor?

* 4. What should the future appearance or experience of the corridor be?

* 5. What architectural & landscape architectural styles are appropriate for the corridor?

* 6. What building, site or landscape features are needed or should be emphasized?

* 7. Should the corridor be a gateway to downtown or a destination? If a destination, what would that mean or look like?

* 8. Any other comments or feedback?