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D6 Research is an analyst firm that is uniquely focused on understanding practitioner improvement models in the physical security industry. We’re vendor-neutral, independent, self-funded and our research is free of promotional pressures. We seek insights wherever the data leads us.

Survey Objectives:
This survey is designed to understand and measure, how industry practices, technology, and sentiments are evolving over time. The goal is to produce the industry's most in-depth insights that accurately reflect end-user practitioner demands and changes that need to take place within the community to facilitate successful transformation - for their benefit.

How We Use Your Responses:
The core objective is to get beyond anecdotal assumptions that plague the industry to an empirical data model of trustworthiness. Asking some questions about your organization is a critical element in ensuring solid benchmark data as well as the validity of the inputs that can be relied upon. Your responses are only used for internal research purposes. Period. D6 Research is not interested specifically in details of your organization we try to only require an answer where we feel absolutely necessary to the integrity of the empirical data model objectives. The next page of the survey will disclose more details about what we do with this data, our commitment to keeping your responses anonymous, and a link to our full survey privacy policy.

What To Expect:
There are 16 substantive questions that will take about 10 minutes to complete (and about 12 regarding demographics and consent that will take less than 5 minutes). You may start and come back later to complete it at any time (keep a browser open and it shouldn't time out). We’ve tried to make as many as we could optional, although some are required as they are critical to the data models. Note, it is advised that respondents take this survey on a computer or tablet. While compatible with mobile, there are a few questions that will mandate scrolling to select appropriate answers (but achievable).

Final Note:
Since we are building statistical models, it’s critical that you thoroughly consider each question and answer as honestly as possible. As a token of our appreciation, there is an option to opt-in to receive insights when they become available. It's already starting to yield ground-breaking insights. With your participation, it will only be more powerful.

If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact us at surveys@D6research.com.

Thank You,

Terry Gold
Founder, D6 Research