Our Olympic Ambassador will inspire your children. Ideally the presentation is for children aged 8+.

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Thank you for requesting a visit and presentation by an Olympic Ambassador. Please complete the following request details.
Note: There is no cost to the school, and all schools receiving a visit will get a free set of Olympic Values posters.

* 1. Organiser and venue information:

* 2. Where should the Ambassador meet you on site?

* 3. Preferred date for the visit:


* 4. Alternative date:


* 5. General Time of Year for the Visit: (if specific dates are not important)

* 6. When would you would like the Presentation to start? 
(Note: You need to set aside a minimum of 45 minutes, preferably an hour, for the Ambassador's presentation)

Start at:

* 7. Likely Audience:
Note: In Primary schools, Ambassador presentations are aimed at senior syndicates or students in Years 4 - 8. This can be flexible however.