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Amandla! Organizer Trainings: Praxis and Fundamentals 
Every campaign for specific objectives can only heighten the political consciousness of African-Americans. There is no use deceiving ourselves, good education, housing and jobs, are imperatives for power.-Malcolm X 

Amandla Praxis is the BOLD advanced organizing training course that builds on and is the follow up to Amandla Fundamentals.  During Praxis, participants are “live”on a concrete campaign hosted by a BOLD organization and add critical capacity to the group’s organizing drive, while also building their own skills, and participating in classroom training that deepens their understanding of campaign work. 

In this one week course, we teach participants to:
  • Participate effectively in an organizing campaign:
  • Contribute powerfully to designing and implementing an organizing campaign, and more accurately measure its impact; and
  • Build on and deepen relationships with other Black organizers in the context of shared work. 
Who Should Apply:  Applicants should have completed Amandla Fundamentals or a Director-Level course.  Applicants must attend entire week
Course Dates: Praxis 1: Sept 12-16, 2022; Praxis 2: Sept 19-23, 2022
(Travel day is Monday and departure time is Friday after 3 PM EST. )
Location: TBD 
Tuition: $2,500 & organizations are responsible for covering applicant transportation costs.
Application Period: June 1, 2022 - July 1, 2022
Amandla Fundamentals focuses on foundational organizing skills including base-building and leadership development, and exposes participants to core practices from the Black transformative organizing tradition as well as to an embodied approach to learning and developing their skills. The backbone of the course is Transformative Organizing (TO), which seeks to integrate personal transformation and transformation of our relationships into our fight for Black liberation, radical social change, and a just society.

In this two week course, we teach participants to:
  • Practice the art and science of Black Organizing with greater understanding, commitment and effectiveness;
  • Recognize what motivates them to organize and how to use that motivation as fuel to drive their organizing work and connect them deeply to others;
  • Assess their organizing with greater accuracy and identify at least one major competency that they are excited--and committed--to increasing;
  • Contribute to building and sustaining powerful teams, whether as team lead or as a member; and
  • Integrate the theory and practice of Transformative Organizing in their work.
Who Should Apply: Applicants should be new Black organizers and/or organizers at Black / Black-Led organizing formation or a multiracial organization with significant Black leadership in its staff and in its membership, who have not had the opportunity to experience training on the fundamental art and science of organizing through the Black Radical Tradition. Applicants must be able to attend BOTH October and November dates. 
Course Dates: Oct 17-21 AND  Nov 14-18, 2022  (Travel day is Monday and departure time is Friday after 3 PM EST. )
Location: Franklinton Center at Bricks, Whitakers NC
Tuition:  $3,000 & organizations are responsible for covering applicant transportation
Application Period: June 1, 2022 - July 17, 2022

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