Reporting for Alternative Nonresidential Services

In compliance with the Department of Developmental Services’ (Department) August 31, 2020 directive, providers must submit a monthly report for each vendorization delivering Alternative Nonresidential Services (Alternative Services) during the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

You are about to begin the Alternative Services reporting survey for the month of December 2020.
Please note:
  • Providers must submit a separate report for each vendorization (vendor number/service code combination) delivering Alternative Services.  A report is not needed for vendorizations that are not delivering Alternative Services.
  • If a vendorization serves consumers from multiple regional centers, all consumer data should be reported together in a single report.
  • In preparation for the survey, you may preview the questions here.
  • Once you begin a survey, it cannot be withdrawn or edited at a later point in time.
  • If you begin a survey but are unable to complete it, or if you need to submit a new survey with revised information, please contact the Department by email at to have the previous survey submission deleted.  The request must include your program name, vendor number, and service code, and specify which reporting month needs to be deleted.