Alternate Format Request Form
Please fill out one form for each book you need in alternate format. Once you enter your first book, an option will be provided to return to this form to submit another.

Please Note: You must request accommodation letters prior to requesting alternate format. You can request your accommodations using this link:

Every effort will be made to honor the preferred format. The DSO will determine which format is most suitable by considering such factors as the content and volume of the material, the date of the request, and the current resources. Requests for multiple formats will be considered on an individual basis. You must submit the requested materials when submitting this form, or your request will not be complete. The DSO will not scan used books containing excessive marking or wear.

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Example: "HI 341-001, MA 141-003, or ENG 111-023.

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* 10. ISBN Number:
Book's ISBN Number:
Usually a 13 digit number located near the UPC code or on the copyright page - many begin with 978... or you may see a 10 digit number that begins with 020...

* 11. Book Publisher:
Found on Copyright Page inside book

* 12. Edition Number

* 13. Do you prefer a human voice reading the textbook? The NC State University Bookstore has a contract with Learning Ally, this vendor may have your textbook in a form that is read by a human voice instead of a computer voice and playable through a CD player, ipod, or another portable device. Would you like to know if this book is available from Learning Ally? The DSO can download this book directly to a device for you to pick up if available.

* 14. Will an older or new edition of the book be acceptable?

* 15. Format Type Requested

* 16. Any Additional Information about Alternate Format you wish to share?

* 17. What type of software or devices will you be using to access alternate format provided?