NAPAA is conducting an Agency Cash Flow Study designed to provide Allstate agents with important information on agency cash flow trends. The results will be compiled into a special report to help agents evaluate their operation as it compares to other Allstate agency owners of similar size. Responses are confidential.

Participants who include their email address will receive a complimentary copy of the results.

* 2. How many locations do you own/operate?

* 3. What is your total premium volume?

* 4. How many full-time employees does the agency employ?

* 5. In 2016, did the agency staff size increase, decrease or stay the same?

* 6. For 2016, did your total agency revenue increase, decrease or stay the same?

* 7. Which of these components contributed to your total agency revenue in 2016?

* 8. Please indicate the amount of your MONTHLY (not annual) expense in each of the following categories for 2016:

* 9. Please indicate your ANNUAL expense in the following categories:

* 10. Please indicate your agency expense for each category as a percentage of total 2016 revenue:

* 11. How satisfied are you with your overall agency revenue? (1 = Least Satisfied, 5 = Most Satisfied)

Please only answer questions 12-15 if you are willing to share this information.

* 12. What was the amount of your personal take home in 2016?

* 13. What percent of your agency total revenue was your personal take home?

* 14. For 2016, did your personal take home increase, decrease or stay the same?

* 15. Does your agency provide any of the following employee benefit options to employees? (Please check all that apply.)

* 16. What percent of health insurance does your agency pay for its employees?

* 17. How are your licensed staff compensated?

* 18. Converting LSP compensation to the hourly equivalent, does your staff earn:

* 19. Does your agency give a general salary increase/cost-of-living increase each year?

* 20. Does your agency give a performance salary increase each year?

* 21. Does your agency give an employee bonus each year?

* 22. How would you describe your cash flow?

* 23. How many years of insurance related experience do you have?

* 24. How many years have you been an Allstate agent?

* 25. Do you have any additional comments to add?

* 26. If you wish to receive a copy of the survey results, please leave your email address below. Your responses and information will be kept confidential.