Purpose of the "All Kids Are Our Kids" Survey

The Student Mental Health Policy (SMHP) Workgroup, a coalition of stakeholders representing education agencies, mental health agencies, and community based organizations, requests your response to this brief, anonymous survey. Thank you to Contra Costa County Office of Education for its assistance in developing this survey. 

Wexford Inc is a nonprofit educational agency, supporting the SMHP Workgroup’s efforts to better understand current factors affecting children, families and educators, in order to better plan and implement programs for them.  Please share the link to complete this survey with others who have information regarding these current issues.  The results of the survey will be shared with public policy makers in California by the SMHP, and they will be posted on our website at  https://www.wexford.org/all-kids-are-our-kids.   

Please do not provide identifying information in any comment box, as we seek to ensure that your responses remain anonymous.

Thank you for your participation.