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Welcome to Aligned Technologies' annual independent Technology Survey

By participating you will receive strategic insight into the key Technology Initiatives being considered by all your Business Leader and Technology Executive peers for 2022. 

This information will allow you to accurately assess the maturity of your technology infrastructure and solutions versus that of your peers, and it will clearly identify the solutions you might want to evaluate as you continue your digital transformation and cloud adoption journey.
  • NOTE: Survey responses received will not be shared with other parties or suppliers.
  • On completing the survey by 03/18/2022 (CST) you will be entered into a draw for a $200 Aligned Technologies Amazon Gift Card.

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* First please enter your contact, industry and role details below.  These details will allow us to summarize results within Industry and Title/Role peer groups,  and also let us know where to email you a copy of the results.

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* What are your roles in respect to evaluating, approving and implementing Technology Initiatives?

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