Community Survey

The City Council requests your feedback regarding the position of City Manager.  The City Council believes it is important to solicit feedback from the community regarding the characteristics and traits the new City Manager should possess as well as the opportunities and challenges he or she may be faced with when commencing the position. 

The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and reports to the City Council. The City Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City, including appointment and supervision of all City Staff; recommendation of policies, procedures and ordinances; and the development of the City’s budget for the City Council’s consideration and approval.

We value your input. Please provide responses to the following questions by June 11, 2018.  Thank you for your participation in the survey.

* 1. Please identify which constituency you represent: (Select the option that best describes your position)

* 2. Which three of the following leadership traits do you believe are most important for the next Manager to possess?

* 3. Which three of the following management styles do you believe are essential for the City Manager to have to successfully lead Albion?

* 4. Which five of the following abilities and skills do you believe are most essential to perform the work of the City Manager?

* 5. Do you think it is necessary for the new City Manager to have had previous experience in any of the following areas?

* 6. The Albion City Charter requires the City Manager to have a Masters Degree in public administration or similar field.  In your opinion, how important is it for the City Manager to have a Masters Degree?

* 7. What are the top three opportunities you think will be available for the new City Manager?

* 8. What are the top three challenges you think will face the new City Manager?

* 9. Do you have any other comments related to the recruitment
for Albion's next City Manager?