Albert Trinh started in tech support in early 2000, and has always loved technology. After being a sales executive at Microsoft, Albert joined Tuor Networks in July of 2010. Tuor Networks is a small IT and consulting firm that serves small to medium sized businesses. As the executive vice president, Albert continues to grow his passion for technology.

How do you interact with one of the or more of below: Office 365, Mobility, Security, and or Windows?

We are currently a Microsoft CSP partner in Canada and are a gold partner as well. We have been pushing their solutions as part of our best practices for years now. To increase security, we use Barracuda to secure these applications for our customers. We sell the complete solution, and maintain our partnership with Microsoft.

Tell us one customer story about Office 365, Mobility, Security or Windows.

We have a customer that has 400 user and they used to use an online Hosted exchange with minimal security. They were daily targets for phishing attacks and the spam kept going through. We implemented Barracuda Total Email Protection to secure these customers. Once we implemented this, we saw that Barracuda Sentinel was blocking all these malicious attacks and these accounts are no longer getting compromised. We were able to fully secure this customer and now they are very happy.

How do you give back to your community?

We donate in numerous ways such as golf tournaments, sponsor events, give money to charities, and encourage employee participation at events.

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