The Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G), Boards Support Section, is conducting an Advisory Committee (AC) member survey to determine:

1.) The potential impacts of moving from a two-year to three-year Board of Game meeting cycle, and

2.) Whether there are potential changes in AC structures that would streamline and improve functions.

Board of Game Meeting Cycle
ADF&G is encouraging the Board of Game to move to a three-year meeting cycle. This shift will lower costs to the Boards Support Section by an estimated $50K annually, greatly reduce ADF&G resources on meeting preparation, provide greater time to analyze management actions, and ease AC workload. More information on anticipated benefits are provided at and paste web address to view 3-year cycle information.)

Advisory Committee Structure
At the October 2013 Joint Board meeting there were many proposals, several of which were accepted, requesting changes to the AC membership and functionality. From those deliberations, the Joint Board requested additional information from ACs to identify potential improvements.

To this end, Boards Support is seeking AC input on both of these subjects. Please take a moment to complete the following questionnaire. The survey is 22 questions and estimated to take 10 minutes. We appreciate hearing your feedback.