On March 6, the City of El Paso approved a new procedure to let the the community request the lights on the public art piece at Airway and Interstate 10 be illuminated to commemorate events with civic or community-wide significance.

There will be up to 11 available slots of no more than 15 days each.  The dates should be requested at least 90 days in advance. For more detailed requirements, please refer to the policy. 

There will be an application fee of $50, $45 for non-profits. All applications are subject to MCAD approval. 


* 1. Name of Organization

* 2. What are you raising awareness for? (Examples include health and wellness or holidays)

* 3. Dates Requested - Dates must not exceed 15 days (example: March 1-March 15) Applications must be made 90 Days prior to requested days.

* 4. Colors Requested - Must provide exact RGB values; Non-permitted colors are the same values as traffic lights

* 5. Contact Information for Requestor