Thank you for the role you played in helping to identify the top 10 list of unanswered research questions on aging and mental health in Canada.
This project was a first step towards realizing more aging-focused mental health care, support and treatment in Canada. Our work will continue in the following ways:
  • Continuation of a steering group on aging and mental health in Canada;
  • Sharing and encouraging the uptake of work on the list of the top 10 unanswered research questions;
  • Research projects on one or more of the top 10 unanswered questions identified; and
  • Action on the known, evidence-based answers to some of Canadians’ questions from survey 1.

We would like to gauge your interest in supporting, participating in or leading the above work over the next 12 months. Please respond to the questions below to support the initial planning of our next steps. We have provided some estimates of the time commitments involved, but these may vary.
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