Welcome to the Inclusion, Equity & Agility anonymous survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. We really do appreciate it. Your anonymous responses will be used in our final analysis & report, but most importantly, will hopefully help lead to some fantastic outcomes.

We don’t want just the positives; we are looking for real experiences on what can be improved. Please take the time to think about your answers and share your insights.

It would be amazing if you could also please help further by getting others to do complete the survey as well.

For this survey, we are broadly using the following definitions:-
  • What is an Agile Organisation? An agile organisation is one that can adapt quickly and is focused on customer needs. Its characteristics will be measured against the Business Agility Institute’s Domains of Business Agility (https://businessagility.institute/learn/domains-of-business-agility/)
  • What is Inclusion?  Inclusion is welcoming and applying the mix. Inclusion is ‘all-in’ that embraces all people. It's about ensuring that diversity of knowledge, perspectives, information and ideas are being used and applied when we collaborate, solve tasks, develop, innovate and make decisions. Inclusion is when all people are valued and able to participate and contribute to their fullest.
  • What is Equity? That all people have equal access to opportunities and fair treatment, ensuring the elimination of discriminatory practices, systems, laws, policies, social norms and cultural traditions. It also encompasses a balancing of power and correcting where inequality exists. The intent of equity is fairness to all.
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