Welcome to your Indepth Closing Solutions' Fee Survey

Indepth Closing Solutions is a strong advocate for our Certified Signing Agents and would very much appreciate your participation in this survey. Like you, we understand the additional regulations and lender requirements being placed on our industry, including higher levels of insurance, additional background checks and IT security protocols, etc.  In order for you to maintain profitability, while also maintaining full compliance, these additional expenses must be reflected in your fee structure. Therefore, we need to know what you believe the fee schedule should be for real estate loan signings in your area.  Indepth Closing Solutions will share this information with our national customers to assist us in advocating for appropriate agent fees. The results will also be shared with all of you, our valued team members, once the survey is completed and compiled.
Please select the fee for each product with the following criteria in mind:
1. The fee is both profitable and competitive
2. The fee is for your immediate service area only (no travel expenses included)
3. The fee includes e-docs (you are required to print two sets of documents)
4. The fee includes fax-backs (you are required to scan and upload or fax a completed set back prior to shipping)
5. You must maintain annual regulatory compliant background checks
6. You must maintain Errors & Omissions Insurance ($25,000 minimum)
7. You must maintain all state requirements

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your position on fees!