Sponsored by the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents, Inc.

Addressed to The Allstate Insurance Company
We, the undersigned Allstate Exclusive Agents, would like to voice our concerns regarding variable compensation:

- The base commission rate of 9/9 percent is inadequate to fund the expense of operating an Allstate agency.
- P&C commissions should be simple, and should not be based on the sale of life insurance (IPS) or any other unrelated components.

Approximately 1,800 Allstate agents responded to a recent survey. Ninety percent of the responding agents cite a high level of concern with variable commission.

Therefore, we, the undersigned Allstate Exclusive Agents, hereby request that variable compensation be rescinded; that 10/10 percent be restored as a solid, simple base commission which we can rely on to pay our staff and agency expenses.

Agents: Please include your six-digit agent number. Allstate EAs with multiple agencies may sign this petition once for each active agent number assigned to them by Allstate. Name and agent numbers will be used for internal verification of active agent status only. Agent signatures will not be disclosed to Allstate. If needed, an independent third party may be engaged to certify the results of this petition.

The views expressed by NAPAA are expressly those of NAPAA, and do not reflect the views or opinions of Allstate Insurance Company, or any of its affiliates.

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