AGENCY PARTNERS | For those who regularly participate in RFP’s and pitches

There are 2 variations of this survey.  This survey is for AGENCY PARTNERS ONLY. If you are a health care organization looking for an agency partner, click HERE for your survey.

The data from both surveys will be analyzed and shared during the live course.

Thank you for participating in our survey to better understand what agencies look for in health care clients!

Question Title

* 1. Briefly describe your organization (agency, independent consultant etc.), your primary service offerings (i.e. digital, general marketing, PR, etc.) and your current role.

Question Title

* 2. Please rank the following criteria in terms of importance in your agency search. 

Rating Scale
Very Important (I would not choose a partner without this)
Fairly Important (I would prefer this criteria in a partner, but it is not a deal breaker)
Somewhat Important (This would help me narrow down choices, but does not drive the decision)
Not important (This would not factor into my decision making)

  Very Important  Fairly Important  Somewhat Important  Not Important 
Creative - They want great creative and want to break through the clutter.
Chemistry - Their team seems like people we’d enjoy working with.
Need state -  They are willing and open to being disruptive to differentiate their brand. 
Needs that match our resources - They are looking for integrated recommendations.
Location - Their location is nearby and convenient to service us.
“Right-sized” - Their needs and budget are a good fit for us
Our expertise is valued -They are looking for a partner who challenges them.
Corporate philosophy - Their mission and values are inspiring to us.
Their "Story" - Their RFP/backgrounder offered great information and elevated our interest in them.

Question Title

* 3. What do you see as the biggest challenge when participating in agency searches?

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* 4. If a member of your senior team would be willing to share your experience fielding RFI and RFP requests as a reference or willing to participate on a webinar panel, please provide your name and contact information below or email Patti Bridge at with your interest.