Calculation of Fair Share Fee - Record Keeping July - September 2021


To: CIR Administrative Staff and Field Staff
From: Wiener Maingrette, Controller
Cc: Chris Hull, Attorney
Re: July - September 2021 Calculation of Fair Share Fee – Record Keeping

Date: 10/15/2021

CIR contracts, with the exception of our contracts at Children’s in DC, UNM, Jackson, and any public sector shops, contain “union security” provisions that require residents to either become members of CIR and pay full CIR dues or pay a fee in lieu of CIR dues. This fee is referred to as a “Fair Share Fee.”

Fair Share Fee payers are only required to pay their fair share of expenses that are directly related to collective bargaining or the representation of employees with respect to the terms and conditions of their employment. Fair Share Fee payers do not pay a share for expenditures that can be described as political or ideological. They are also not required to pay for anything that isn’t directly related to collective bargaining or representation.

Our CPA's, in order to calculate Fair Share Fees, need to determine how much time CIR staff spend working on activities that are not chargeable to Fair Share Fee payers. Accordingly, we are requiring administrative and field staff to report, on a quarterly basis, the percentage of time spent doing work that would fit into the following categories:


A. Contract Negotiations – This would include all preparation for negotiations, actual negotiations, lobbying related to contract negotiations, and activities related to and in support of negotiations.

B. Contract Administration – This would include grievance handling, field questions from members, organizing/attending/conducting chapter meetings, delegate meetings, employer meetings, involvement in arbitration proceedings, QI meetings, chapter strengthening activities, communicating union policy, training and educating members in regard to representational activities, and lobbying related to contract implementation.

C. Internal Union Governance – This would include preparing for and attending Executive Committee meetings, work related to the election of officers, and preparing for and attending the CIR convention, etc. Also, time spent on union and member administration such as financial, legal, and other administrative work.

II. NEW ORGANIZING (Sometimes Chargeable)

This would not only include time working directly on new organizing campaigns, but also time spent in support of organizing campaigns. This would include all phases of organizing, including but not limited to probing a hospital, producing literature, preparing for meetings, and legal work. Organizing is chargeable in some places and not chargeable in others. However, you should not take this into account when you fill out the form.


A. Lobbying, and Political Activities – This would include time spent working in support of political organizations, political parties, candidates for public office, get out the vote campaigns, ballot measures and lobbying in general. Note that lobbying and political work in support of ratification or implementation of collective bargaining agreements is chargeable to Fair Share Fee payers and is not included within this category.

B. Charitable Work – This would include time spent working in support of charitable organizations (e.g. Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Doctors Without Borders).

C. Other Activities Not Related to Collective Bargaining or Representation - This would include time spent on educational activities, training programs and conferences.

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