Outdoor spaces and buildings

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* 1. Please answer whether you mostly agree or mostly disagree with the following statements about outdoor spaces and buildings in Monash

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Public areas are clean and pleasant
Green spaces are accessible and well maintained
Pavements and pathways are well-maintained and free of obstruction (overhanging trees), and there is good access for pedestrians
Outdoor seating is sufficient in numbers, well-maintained and safe
Pedestrian crossings are sufficient in number and safe for people with different levels and types of disabilities to use and cross in adequate time
Buildings are well-signed outside and inside, with accessible elevators, ramps, railings and stairs
Public lighting is sufficient and provides a sense of safety
Public toilets are clean and well-maintained
Public toilets are accessible and sufficient in number
Cycle paths are separate from pedestrian walkways
I feel safe when walking around my local community

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* 2. Please share any other comments you have on outdoor spaces and buildings below:

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* 3. Additional questions on outdoor spaces and buildings

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Do you know about dementia friendly spaces and buildings and what they look like?
Do you feel we have dementia friendly spaces and buildings in Monash?