Since 1962, the Mayne Island Agricultural Society has been an important part of life on Mayne Island.  Help the Society’s volunteer Board of Directors look to the future and develop a bold 3-year Strategic Plan by completing this survey. Thank you!

* 1. Did you know that the Mayne Island Agricultural Society ...

  Yes, I knew that No, I wasn't aware
Offers education programs throughout the year such as Seedy Saturday?
Is a Registered Non-Profit Society run entirely by volunteers?
Operates the Plumper Pass Gaol & Museum?
Runs the Thrift Shop as a social enterprise to raise funds for the Society?
Maintains and Rents the Ag. Hall and Fair Grounds for community programs, meetings and events?
Represents Mayne Island at various Agriculture related roundtables and initiatives?
Organizes and runs the annual Fall Fair and Parade?
Writes a monthly article for the Mayneliner?

* 2. The Society offers a number of programs throughout the year, sometimes in collaboration with other organizations on the Island. Did you / your family attend any of the following Society supported programs last year?

* 3. The Annual Fall Fair is an Island tradition and the Society's biggest direct delivery program taking months to plan and engaging many volunteers. Let us know if you participated in the Fall Fair last year as...

* 4. The Thrift Shop is the Society's social enterprise, raising important funds to support the work of the Society (including the maintenance of the Ag. Hall, Fair Grounds and Plumper Pass Gaol & Museum) and flow back to the community through donations.

* 5. Tell us why YOU think the Ag Society is an important part of the Mayne Island Community?