Step 1: Tell us what you want

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Tocal College's delivery of AgSkilled is different to other training programs. Tocal will work with you to individually tailor a program to meet the training and skills needs that you, your workers and your business require. The training you want, where you want it! Please tell us your training requirements by completing this short survey.

* 1. How would you classify yourself?

* 2. Preferred location of training

* 3. Preferred training delivery mechanism

* 4. Preferred duration of training

* 5. If ample notice was given, would you be conducive to a "block" of training? Example: 4 straight days to cover off a range of relevant topics to meet your workforce needs.

* 6. Would you or your team be interested in completing a full qualification, short course or both?

* 7. Select the qualifications you or your team would be interested in.

* 8. Select the short course subject areas you or your team would be interested in.

* 9. Select the safety courses you are interested in.

* 10. Select the business courses you are interested in.

* 11. Select the technology, machinery and equipment courses you are interested in.

* 12. Select the production courses you are interested in.