Penn State Ag Science Magazine Survey

We are continually working to improve the magazine and bring you the most relevant and engaging stories possible. Your input helps guide us in that process. Please take a moment to tell us what you think about the magazine and share your ideas about what you would like to see on our pages. The survey has 12 questions and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Thank you!

Jillian Stevenson
Executive Editor

* 1. How much of each magazine do you read?

* 2. How much time do you spend reading the magazine?

* 3. How many other people read your copy of the magazine?

* 4. What is your preference for reading the magazine?

* 5. Do you currently read newspapers or magazines on a Kindle, Nook or iPad?

* 6. Please rate your interest in the following subjects.

  Not At All Interested Slightly Interested Moderately Interested Very Interested Extremely Interested
Ag research and science
Stories about alumni at work
Student activities and experiences
Profiles of people
News items on events and people in the college
Essays on contemporary issues in ag science

* 7. What would you like to see in the magazine that is not currently provided?

* 8. In general, the stories in the magazine are:

* 9. Do you have any comments regarding the magazine or ideas on how we can improve?

* 10. What is your relationship to the college? Check all that apply.

* 11. What is your gender?

* 12. What is your current age?