Course Description

The Introduction to the Agricultural Land Valuation course teaches methods for effectively using the detailed soils survey, GIS, and computerized spreadsheets to calculate agricultural land values for assessment purposes according to the provisions of North Dakota Century Code § 57-02-27.2. It also includes implementation of the agricultural land valuation process. Students are required to complete a case study. Registrations must be received by Monday, November 9, 2020.

Student Expectations
This course includes 30 hours of online instruction during which students will be expected to participate in discussions, group activities, and coursework that may include but is not limited to reading, homework, problem solving, etc. There is also an exam at the end of the course for which the student should be prepared. 
Education Credit
Successful completion of this course provides 30 hours toward certification/continuing education for class I assessors (N.D.C.C. 57-02-01.1). In order to receive credit for certification purposes, the exam must be successfully completed. Twenty-seven hours are allowed as continuing education for attending the course if the exam is not taken. Class II assessors may complete the class as continuing education.
Course Schedule
Agricultural Land Valuation utilizes instructor videos and frequent checks of understanding through review questions and quizzes to emphasize the main concepts and procedures taught in the course over four consecutive weeks.

• Legal descriptions and property records
• Characteristics of soils and overview of the detailed soils survey
• Development of the valuation schedule
• Development of county average values
• Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and acreage calculation
• Soils testing and mapping
• Use of modifiers
• Consideration of actual use
• Soils committees and public relations
• Case study
• Examination(s)

Textbook and Supplies
Students must have access to the following: a computer with current version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and Adobe Flash.  If accessing from a mobile device, it must have a large screen. It may also be helpful to brush up on your Excel skills. Information is available at

Location and Accommodations
The course will be held virtually. Students must have access to the following: a computer with current version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and Adobe Flash. If accessing from a mobile device, it must have a large screen.

Course Instructor
Dustin Bakken, Executive Vice President of Kompleks Assessment Solutions, LLC, has multiple years of property assessment background. Four of those years as the Director of Tax Equalization at Stutsman County, ND and four years as a Property Tax Specialist for the North Dakota State Tax Department.


Please remit payment prior to the course to:
Carla Broadland, NDAAO Treasurer, Wahpeton City Assessor’s Office, PO Box 490, Wahpeton, ND  58074-0490.  
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There will be no refunds made to registrants who cancel; only substitutions will be accepted, unless approved by the North Dakota Association of Assessor’s Board President and Education Committee Chairperson.

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Disclaimer:  There are many uncertainties and debates about the details of COVID-19.  We will do our best to protect you using guidelines set forth by the CDC.  We ask that you, as a student of this class, use common courtesy and personal responsibility while attending.