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This consultation document sets out the unique climate and air challenges facing Irish agriculture, the opportunities arising in meeting our targets and ambitions, and how we are proposing to address the issues through this draft climate and air roadmap for the agriculture sector to 2030 and beyond. 
To facilitate a structured response, questions are posed throughout the survey below, which range from high level to specific.  All submissions are welcome and will be considered as part of the development of this Roadmap.  We would greatly appreciate if you could complete this short survey and share with your colleagues and/or member base, where relevant.
This survey is estimated to take 35 minutes to complete.
Furthermore, this consultation aims to ensure agriculture's climate targets are fully understood by all stakeholders with a view to better informing the development of our next agri-food strategy to 2030 and also the CAP strategic planning process; both of which have commenced.
The consultation is open until the 10th January 2020 at 12.00 pm.
Please note that by responding to this consultation through written submission, either by email, survey or post, respondents consent to their name being published on our website and their submissions are subject to Freedom of Information.  Confidential or commercially sensitive submissions should be clearly marked as such, as the Department will publish non-confidential responses to this consultation.  In addition, all written comments submitted through the survey will be compiled in a composite paper, not attributed to any one individual, and will also be made available on the DAFM website and each respondent name and organisation will also be published. 

The Department will redact personal addresses and personal email addresses prior to publication.  We would draw attention to the Department's privacy policy.
For any further information please email: agclimatise@agriculture.gov.ie
Please note information on Freedom of Information, Data Protection and Privacy Statement as set out in the 'Ag-Climatise' Public Consultation document.

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