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Here is an artwork that will be included in the BMA's African galleries when they reopen in spring, 2015. Please consider this artwork as you respond to the survey.

* 1. List 1-3 questions that you have about the artwork pictured above.

* 2. Drag and drop to rank the importance of the following questions about this artwork based on their relevance to you.

* 3. Based on your experience, rate the following topics on their level of interest to you.

  Very Interested Somewhat Interested Not Interested
What are the natural geographic features that influence how African art was made?
What are the cultural values or messages conveyed in African art?
How diverse is African art across the continent?
How does African art change over time?
How does African art reflect the cultural and political circumstances in which it was made?
Which countries does our African art come from?

* 4. Drag and drop to rank the following educational materials based on how helpful they have been to you in the past. Choose N/A for those you have never used.

* 5. Is there anything we didn't ask here that you want to learn about when looking at African art?