Michigan Federation for Children and Families

Affiliate membership is open to statewide, regional and local private nonprofit associations, educational institutions and organizations that are organized to promote public and private nonprofit policies and services that benefit children and families. 

Members must: 
  • Subscribe to the purposes of the Federation as defined in Article II of the Articles of Incorporation, 
  • Meet the requirements set forth in the membership standards, and
  • Pay the dues established by the board of directors. 
Membership shall commence with the member's initial payment of dues and shall be continuous unless terminated as provided in Section 1.3 of the Federation's Bylaws. 

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Membership Standards and Dues Policies are found in the Member Guide at www.michfed.org. 

* 1. To be completed by applicant

* 2. Representative

* 3. Membership dues are based on your organization's current-year budgeted expenditures. Fill in the below to figure your dues payment.

* 4. Please submit via email to jenny@michfed.org or by mail to 320 N Washington Square, Suite 100, Lansing, MI 48933, the following:

* 5. Payment options: