Thank you for participating in our week-long statewide advocacy campaign! By providing materials and resources for in-district visits, the Partnership hoped to simplify the preparation process as much as possible.

Your feedback is essential in helping us improve this event for years to come.

* 1. Prior to participating in the Statewide Week of Advocacy, had you ever conducted an in-district meeting?

* 2. On a scale from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree", please rate the helpfulness of the information and materials provided by the Partnership.

  strongly agree agree neutral disagree strongly disagree
The Orientation Calls with Amy Brown and Senator Mark Leno were helpful.
The "Toolkit for Educating Legislators and Policymakers" was helpful.
The fact sheets on the Partnership's legislative priorities was useful.

* 3. Considering the information and materials provided by the Partnership, how prepared did you feel for the meeting?

* 4. How effective do you feel the in-district meeting(s) were for educating the legislator about domestic violence programs?

* 5. What could the Partnership do to improve the effectiveness of the Statewide Week of Advocacy?

* 6. What other feedback would you like to provide?

Thank you for your feedback! Your responses help us to continually improve our work.

Thank you for sharing your feedback!