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You have been chosen as an advisor for a Registered Campus Organization (RCO) with the University of California, Irvine. If you plan to be an advisor for an organization, then please complete the following to verify your participation. Please remember an advisor provides guidance to the organization.

Please also remember that as an advisor you should not:
- vote in the organization's matters,
- be a supervisor to any of the organization's leadership,
- attempt to reserve venue spaces for the organization, or hold an office within the organization.

An advisor should not unduly influence decisions of the organization. Off-campus advisors affiliated with neighboring organizations must remember that the group is a campus organization for the University of California, Irvine.

For additional information about Policy for Registered Campus Organizations please visit:

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* 2. Contact Email Address

* 3. Contact Phone Number

* 4. Registered Campus Organization's Name

* 5. Advisor's Organization/Department Name 

* 6. Advisor's Title in Organization/Department

* 7. UCI Net ID (if applicable)

* 8. Are you a UCI Alumnus?

As an advisor for a student organization, you become a Campus Security Authority for UCI as described within The Clery Act. Please be aware that the UCI Clery Compliance Coordinator will email about an upcoming training.

Thank you for your service as an advisor. If you have any future questions, please email