Terms and Conditions:

Thank you for your interest in being an editorial board member for the Journal of Philosophy of Emotion (JPE). We appreciate your dedication to the JPE and the pursuit of its mission.

As an editorial board member you agree to the following terms of service with the JPE:

1) that you are a Ph.D. (or international equivalent) in the area(s) of expertise that you noted below, and that you are currently either a postdoctoral researchers, assistant professor, associate professor, or hold an internationally equivalent position with an accredited institution of higher education, and that you are actively pursuing research in the area of philosophy of emotion;

2) to be a dedicated referee for the JPE, on an as needed basis, and for the amount of time you indicated below;

3) to provide timely, high-quality reviews, consistent with the JPE's Referee Guidelines, in order to assist the editors of the JPE in making their decision regarding the possible acceptance of manuscripts that are under consideration for publication with the JPE

4) to allow editors to anonymously share your reviews with relevant authors in order to help the authors appropriately revise their manuscripts in response to editors' decisions; and

5) that you will have no conflict of interest between your responsibility toward the JPE and any other relevant activity or responsibility.

The JPE in return agrees to the following terms regarding your conditions of service:

1) you will be asked to only referee papers that are relevant to your areas of expertise or interests; 

2) you will be asked to only referee one paper at a time;

3) you will be asked to recommend qualified referees, on an as needed basis, if the editors are unable to find a suitable referee for a manuscript that is in your area of expertise;

4) after eight (8) years of dedicated, high-quality service with the JPE, you will be invited to become a member of the JPE's editorial advisory board; and 

5) the JPE may remove you from its editorial board at any time if you are unable to or unwilling to fulfill your commitment to the JPE.

If you agree to all of the above terms and conditions, please provide the information requested below, and you will be contacted shortly after submitting this application regarding your request to become a member of the JPE's editorial advisory board.

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* 1. Please save your CV as a .txt file, with all the formatting removed, then copy the text, and paste it below. Doing so will help address any problematic formatting issues with viewing your CV on our end. Also, if we are unable to verify your credentials through an online source, please email a copy of your diploma to submissions.jpe@gmail.com. Thank you!

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