Advance Astoria: 5 Year Economic Development Strategy

Advance Astoria is a campaign by the City of Astoria Community Development Department to develop the City’s first economic development strategy. Astoria is the North Coast’s center for government, medical services, education, and cultural institutions. Although there are other factors that impact the regional economy, this strategy is solely focused on Astoria city limits.

The City received a generous grant from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development (DLCD) to hire a consultant (Community Attributes, Inc.) that would assist with development of this strategy. The project launched with a kickoff event in October 2016 and will be completed by June 2017.

The tourism industry has performed well in Astoria and the North Coast as a whole. However, the types of investments and jobs associated with this industry are not sustainable meaning there are limited wage scales, employee advancement opportunities, and it’s an import-based strategy reliant on visitor spending.

Advance Astoria is a new way of thinking about what types of businesses the City wants to retain, expand, and attract over time with key city investments and public-private partnerships that generate living wage jobs, career ladders, and private investment from outside the community (i.e., traded-sector or export-based industry).

This survey is intended to gain some insight into the needs and perspectives of local businesses that may benefit directly or indirectly from an economic development strategy. It’s important to note that the City is working on a parallel effort to improve housing opportunities. Therefore, this survey is solely focused on economic development opportunities.

The survey is confidential. Private or personal information will not be shared. However, if you wish to receive updates on this project, the survey includes an opportunity to share contact info.
The survey includes 10 questions and should take only 10 minutes or less. We really appreciate your feedback as we make Astoria a stronger, more resilient, and prosperous city.

* 1. Please tell us about yourself. Check all that apply.

* 2. If you’re a business owner, what is the primary business function? Check only one.

* 3. How long have you been in business?

* 4. Do you belong to any of the following organizations? Check all that apply

* 5. Astoria like most small towns faces a number of economic development challenges and opportunities over the next five years. Please rank the challenges you see as most relevant to Astoria: 1=most important, 4= least

* 6. Please rank the opportunities you see as most relevant in Astoria? 1=most important, 4=least

* 7. Some cities are facilitating “affinity groups” for certain industries to encourage collaboration, become more competitive, and provide educational opportunities. For example, craft brewers could hold quarterly meetings to share ideas, plan events, and train employees, or micro-entrepreneurs such as those selling on Etsy get together to share cost saving ideas for sales, packaging, and distribution. Would you or your business support this approach?

* 9. Astoria wants to diversify its economy from its two staples: tourism and seafood processing. What other types of industries (examples) would be a good fit in Astoria? Choose 4

* 10. What are the barriers to opening or expanding a business in Astoria? Select your top 3 choices

* 11. What is the smartest investment Astoria could make to attract private investment? If you had responsibility for investing in Astoria, how would you prioritize investments? 1=top priority, 5=less important

* 12. The City of Astoria supports small businesses in many ways such as the Sunday Market, low business license and permit fees, and providing grants and loans to qualified projects. What else could the City of Astoria do to support small business? Select your top 3 choices

* 13. Let's stay in touch!

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