* 1. Which learning center are you enrolled in?

* 2. How many weeks of Microsoft Word have you studied?

The questions below will help to determine your Microsoft Word 2010 Level.
Complete the Task as listed before selecting "Yes" or "No".
Select 'Yes' if you're able to complete the action or 'No' if you cannot.

* 3. Launch Microsoft Word 2010

* 4. Insert your Name into the Header

* 5. Format the Name so it is Centered, 18 Pt, Green and Garamond Font

* 6. Insert Wordart onto the Center Top of the Word document

* 7. Change the Shape of the Wordart

* 8. Format Wordart with a Shadow and an outline

* 9. Insert a Textbox under the Wordart with the Text 'This is Microsoft Word 2010'

* 10. Format the Textbox with Fill Color and Outline

* 11. Format the Text within the Textbox so it is centered, Red, 18 Pt and Garamond Font

* 12. Insert an Image below the Textbox

* 13. Center the Image and format with a Picture Style

* 14. Insert a Page Break

* 15. Insert a 2X5 Table

* 16. Label the Table Columns: "Program" and "Needs"

* 17. Format the Row with Fill and Bold the Text

* 18. Add Computer Needs or Programs you are wanting to learn into Column A

* 19. Type reasons you are needing to learn the program into Column B

* 20. Under the Table, type any phrase

* 21. Format the phrase so it is centered, 24 Pt and formatted with Text Effects

* 22. Insert the Date, Time and your facility into the Footer

* 23. Save the document as TEST, your name and date into the My documents/Documents folder

* 24. What skills would you like to learn in Microsoft Word?

* 25. What is the next computer course you're interested in taking?

Mahalo for working with Ohana Komputer and completing this survey. Please click 'Done' and enjoy your day!