COABE, in partnership with Pima Community College, is providing funding for cutting edge Adult Ed Ambassador Training! 

* 1. Please indicate your current role; select all the options that apply.

* 2. Please indicate your contact information

* 3. Who else plans to attend the Ambassador Training with you? Please list team members below. (Funding will be provided for adult learners only)

* 4. Second Team Member's Role (Check all that apply).

* 5. Third Team Member's Contact Information

* 6. Third Team Member's Role (Check all that apply).

* 8. Tell us about your experience with adult ed and student leadership. Please be sure to note what motivated you to apply for funding to attend our Ambassador Training.

* 9. Have you submitted an adult learner success story for our award winning national public awareness campaign (

* 10. COABE launched a tiered student membership option on January 1, 2018. Please indicate if you are willing to share this information with your colleagues.

* 11. Have you ever visited with your local, state, or federal legislators? Please check all the boxes that apply.

* 12. Do you plan to attend the next COABE Capitol Hill Day which will likely take place in the spring and enable participants to have the opportunity to meet with federal and state legislators?